Circuit Training is one of the most recommended weight loss workouts. It is a combination of resistance training and aerobic exercise. This builds muscle endurance. Muscle strength is also developed with this workout plan.

Why Circuit Training Weight Loss Workouts

Circuit training is highly recommended. It is fast paced. It is not monotonous. Therefore, it is a great boredom buster. Since you are quickly moving from one work out to another, there is no chance of losing focus.

In comparison to just cardio training, circuit training is a lot more beneficial. With circuit training, you are able to burn 9 calories per minute. This is 30 percent more than cardio training. Consequently, circuit training is one of the most effective weight loss workouts.

The combination of strength training with aerobic exercise is very beneficial. Metabolism and weight loss is boosted. At the same time, muscle toning also occurs. It is a holistic weight loss workout program.

The Process of Circuit Training

Circuit training is a series of strengthening and aerobic exercises. These exercises are placed at regular intervals. There is very little or no gap between sets. Using a watch with a second hand works really well. You will be able to perform the exercises precisely.

The Ideal Workout Plan

An ideal circuit cardio weight loss workout is divided into three stages. The first stage is the fat burning stage. The second is the strengthening stage.  The last stage lets you blast the calorie burn. Here is an ideal circuit training workout for fat loss:

Step 1: Burn Fat and Make you Muscles Firm

This step requires you to perform the strength training exercises for one minute each. Follow the order of workout prescribed by your trainer. Between each strength training workout include one minute of cardio. Each circuit should be repeated thrice.

Step 2: Tone up your Body

This requires you to perform a series of strength exercises only. Move from one strength exercise to another without any gap in between. You can rest between each circuit. Repeat this circuit thrice.

Step 3: The Calorie Blaster

This step includes only aerobic training. You must perform one low intensity, one medium intensity and one high intensity workout. There must be an interval of 10 seconds before each session. If you are an absolute beginner, stick to low intensity work out only. You can advance to moderate and high intensity when your body is ready.

Circuit training gives you that additional push. You will be able to challenge your body without getting bored. You can include new workouts as you progress. You can even change the order of the workout. Ensure that you have a trainer helping you with the workout.

With circuit training, you must be wary of injuries. Even though it is fast paced, careful attention must be paid to the right posture and method. You must also keep yourself hydrated during this type of workout. Opt for a sports drink. Even water is good enough.

Circuit training gives your body that extra dose of inspiration. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most effective weight loss workouts.