Lunch is the only meal in a day you need to eat with an aim to gain maximum nutrition from it. While breakfast supplies you with energy,  lunch helps in retaining that energy.It is mandatory for you to keep your lunch regimen in a recommended track. In a busy lifestyle, planning a healthy lunch is really not possible. But try to cook as healthy as you can for a lunch to keep you healthy.

Here we recommend top five really healthy lunch ideas that are easy to follow. You can follow these ideas even if you are following a weight loss or a weight gain diet.

Potatoes for Lunch

Almost all healthy lunch ideas will recommend including potatoes in your lunch. Be it a high protein diet or a low fat diet, potatoes for lunch are essential. They contain good carbohydrates. The carb-rich potatoes can keep you energetic the whole day. Try not to fry potatoes but bake or boil it. Eat mashed potatoes with lentils, beans and other vegetables for lunch. You can even add them to your meaty coleslaw.

Multi Grain Lunch

Using whole grains or multi grains is one of the recommended healthy lunch ideas. Use protein rich grains for lunch. You can have sushi rolls made of white rice, a bowl of brown rice, porridge, wheat bread sandwichand or  even have cut vegetables with grains for lunch. They will fill your stomach quickly and will prevent you from getting hungry again quickly. This is a recommended lunch for weight loss diet regimen.


Soups for lunch are easy to prepare and preserve. They can be prepared the previous day itself. There are countless varieties of soups starting from clear vegetarian till chicken, lamb and turkey soups. You can prepare soups in a healthy manner the previous day and can pack them for lunch quickly. Include soups at least twice if you are following healthy lunch ideas.


There is nothing better than vegetables (cut, boiled, braised, poached or even fried) for lunch. Include farm fresh veggies in your lunch pack. Make salads, soups, sandwiches, tortillas, stuffing etc. out of fresh vegetables. Add some French or Italian seasoning to add more taste. Veggies like beets, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and corn make a healthy lunch. Every serving of veggies will offer you at least 16 grams of protein and a little carbohydrate too.

Chick Peas and Lentils

The chick peas and lentils are important if you are following fat-free healthy lunch ideas. They contain maximum amount of protein to keep you healthy. They also contain very less carbohydrates. They are absolutely fat-free and good for both weight gain and weight loss diets. Simply boil chick peas and add some peppers to it and eat along with your lunch as a greater protein supplement.

In addition to chicken, a little bit of steamed lamb, tuna and fresh meat wraps too make really healthy lunch ideas. However, try to have your lunch on time to get maximum benefits out of what you eat for lunch.