Tasty and quick cooking is really far away from slow and healthy cooking. In today’s busy lifestyle we depend a lot on pre-packaged foods. Even if you are a home maker, you tend to depend a lot on processed food in your daily cooking routine. Cooking healthy meals does not really mean you should spend more time in cooking. It neither requires more time in preparing to cook too. Here we list few workable tips for cooking healthy meals at home. And of course they end up being tasty like a restaurant food!

Avoid Oil, Oil, Everywhere!

It is an absolute myth that more oil makes food tastier. We all know too much of oil is too bad. Still you cannot get your hand out of it. In actual, the biggest secret to healthy cooking is using less oil. Use only virgin olive oil or canola oil in your food. 2 spoons of olive oil in your breakfast and then 2 spoons for lunch or dinner are ample for a day.While frying, or stirring, or sautéing, add very little oil and then use water to cook the food. This saves your heart from bad cholesterol too!

No Cream in Food

It is agreeable that creamy food is really yummy. But these creamy foods contain high amount of milk solids, heavy milk cream, fresh cream, and butter. These ingredients actually bring down the elasticity of your body organs. They also make you look aged at an early age.You can actually use low fat milk to prepare creamy and healthy meals. Just add low fat milk with flour to make the dishes really creamy.

Replace Egg Whites for Yellows 

Love to have eggs? Then try out healthy meals with only egg whites. Avoid using egg yellow to a maximum possible extent. The white portion has 0% fat in it but it offers the same calories that the yellow yolk offers.

Meat and Grain Combo

So cooking meat at home but worried that you must not eat too much of it? Then add whole grains or boiled vegetables to your meaty dish. The whole grains like brown rice, cereal and vegetables make very healthy meals. They also let the meat occupy a very small portion of your tummy by filling it faster.

Ditch the Pan and Hug the Oven

If you like fried foods then try out frying the food using the oven instead of pan frying. Oven fried recipes make healthy meals by consuming less oil. They also do not break down the nutrients in your food.

Use Strong Cheese

Many cannot imagine their day without cheesy food. But cheese can just spoil all healthy meals. They add too much of cholesterol and fat in your body. If you still need to eat cheesy food, then try out strong-flavored ones. Cheeses like cheddar, goat’s cheese are strong flavored. They give that cheesy aroma and taste to your food even when used very little.

These cooking tips for preparing healthy meals at home are really simple and they are really easy to follow. You can follow these tips in your cooking routine to eat healthy and live happy.