The Dukan Diet has been around for almost 30 years. It was brought into light only in the beginning of this millennium with the release of the book “The Dukan Diet” by Dr. Pierre Dukan. This is a French diet technique started and popularized in France by Dr. Pierre Dukan.  It is a revolutionary diet plan to tackle serious weight issues like obesity.

The Four Stage Approach

During the 1970’s there was only one known method to cure diabetes. That was to eat small sized meals that are very low in calorie. Dr. Dukan believed that there was an alternative that also prevented patients from regaining the weight that they had lost. For this he designed a 4 step process that became popular across the globe. This diet plan allowed about 100 foods in the chart. The four stages in this diet include:

  • The Attack Phase- This phase kick starts the metabolism of dieters. This makes them lose 2 to 3 kilos in just 2-7 days. Dieters could eat any of the 72 protein rich foods recommended in the diet.
  • The Cruise Phase- In this phase, the dieters are allowed to move towards a targeted weight gradually. They are allowed to eat protein rich foods and 28 recommended vegetables. The length of this phase is calculated on the basis of 1 kilogram each week. Some tolerated foods may be included in this phase. However, any weight gain results in the ban of certain foods.
  • The Consolidation Phase- This phase is specially designed to ensure that the individual does not gain any more weight. In this phase banned foods like fruit, bread and cheese are reintroduced. This phase also makes room for two celebratory meals. The program is scheduled and directed by the diet plan.
  • Stabilization  Phase- This is the final stage of the diet plan. There are no food restrictions. There are only some rules that need to be followed during this phase. The individual must eat oat bran every day. He or she must follow one protein day in a week. The individual must also commit to use the stairs.

The Dukan Plan expects all individuals to follow this last phase all their life. However, they must keep a close watch on the glycemic index of their carbohydrate consumption.

How to Follow the Diet

Necessary coaching to follow this diet is available on the official website. A list of recommended foods is provided. In addition to that one can also find many easy recipes. The Dukan Diet has many followers across the globe who have formed a community online. This allows them to discuss the plan and discover new ideas and recipes.

The Dukan Diet Disadvantages

The Dukan Diet is hard to follow. It needs extensive planning before starting. The Dukan Diet also requires you to invest a lot. You must buy fresh sea food and vegetables. So, many people are unable to complete this diet successfully. Also since it is a high protein diet, health problems like headache and nausea may be noticed in the initial stage.

Whether the Dukan Diet works for you or not is a personal choice. Many have benefited from it and you may want to give it a shot too.