Proteins bars are special dietary supplements. They provide a high source of proteins. You can follow a protein bar diet if you do not have the time to prepare food that is rich in proteins.

Following a protein bar diet is good when you have specific body building goals. These bars are recommended for either fat loss or for muscle building. The protein bar diet you choose depends upon these goals. However, you favorite protein bar may be taking you in the opposite direction.  Therefore, you must consider the following factors when you choose a protein bar.

  • The Calorie Count

This is very important if fat loss is your goal. In such cases, you might want to choose a product with a count of about 70 calories. Remember, the allowed calorie intake is just 1200 per day. If your protein bar alone has about 400 calories, it is a big waste. This means you can only consume natural e food that provides about 800 calories. So, you  must always pay close attention to the calorie count.

  • Carbohydrates

The carbohydrate count is necessary for fat loss and muscle building. For fat loss, the calorie count should not be more than 30 gm. The carbohydrate count can be high if the bar is consumed immediately after workout. You must also make sure that this works according to your regular diet. If the natural carbohydrate source is high, reduce it in the protein bar.

  • Sugar Alcohols

If your protein bar shows presence of sugar alcohol, be careful. In some people, sugar alcohol can cause gas, cramps, diarrhea and bloating. Although sugar alcohol is good for fat loss, side effects must be considered. If your have no side effects, this factor should not be troublesome.

  • Fat Content 

You must be very careful about trans fats and saturated fats. These should be as low as possible. Dietary fats are necessary for the body. Therefore, you must look for bars that have a regulated amount. Following a protein bar diet with a good amount of dietary fats is quite beneficial. This will make your protein bar diet well balanced and nutritional.

  • Carbs to Protein Ratio

Always ensure that the protein content is high enough in comparison to the carbs. A poor carbs to protein ratio means that the protein bar is not very effective. The ideal protein to carbs ratio is 2:1. Depending on you diet even 1:1 may be recommended. If muscle building is your primary goal, then you can look for 1:2 ratios. This way, you can make the protein bar aid your workout. You will also get the results that you want.

Taking a good look at the ingredient listings is important. If your protein bar has HFCS in it, look for an alternative. The HFCS content if very low, should not hinder your health.. This will make sure that you are not getting unwanted substances in your system. Even a simple protein bar can hinder your balanced diet. You may be unknowingly consuming nutrients in excess. This reduces your chances of reaching your fitness goals. So,  Whenever you are following a protein bar diet, think beyond proteins.