Burning calories has been the mantra for weight loss. A good cardio session does just that. If your workout goal is weight loss, cardiovascular exercises are a must. Here are a few essential facts about Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss.

What is Cardio?

Cardio is short for cardiovascular exercises. These exercises, as the name suggests, are targeted towards the heart. They are designed to increase the heart rate. As a result oxygen intake is better, preparing your body for a good work out. This type of exercise is also known as aerobic exercise. Jogging, cycling, running and skipping are a few exercises included under this category. There are many health benefits associated with cardio exercise.

They include:

• Increase in lung capacity

• Strengthening of the heart and lungs

• Better metabolism and calorie burn

• Increased energy levels

• Ensures better sleep

• Speeds up the weight loss process

Types of Cardio

When you are aware of the types of cardio exercises available, you will able to choose one that makes sure you reach your fitness goals. There are three cardio exercise types:

• Whole Body Activities: These activities engage the entire body. Exercises like cross country skiing are included in this type. They increase the heart rate faster. This helps burn more calories.

• High Impact Activities- This includes activities like running or jumping. Since the impact is higher, the calorie loss is higher, too.

• Low Impact Activities- The impact in these activities is low. They are essential in increasing the heart rate considerably. These activities include walking or cycling.

Cardio Exercise for Weight Loss

Globally, cardio is known for its weight loss abilities. There are many reasons why cardio is effective for weight loss.

The primary reason is that you are able to burn many calories in one go. With a cardio work out, you try to achieve a targeted heart rate. This increases the pumping of blood, sweating and breathing. Therefore, calories are burnt fast.

The results that you get can be altered with simple changes. Switching from a low impact workout to high impact work out can yield tremendous results. You can also make small changes to assist weight loss. You can simply increase the duration and intensity of your workout to achieve desired results.

With a good cardio workout, calorie consumption need not be drastically reduced. You have the liberty of following a diet with a decent calorie count. Unlike weight training, cardio can be repeated in a week. This increases the speed of weight loss. There are fewer risks of injury and over  training with cardio.

It is difficult to state how many times cardio should be repeated in a week. Ideally, beginners should include 3 to 4 days in a week. At advanced levels, cardio should be included on all days of work out. With the right diet and the correct cardio exercise for weight loss, your dream body is not far away.