You may be cooking just for you or for the whole of your family, cooking healthy and tasty is a challenge. Preparations and taste checking will keep you very busy while cooking. This leads to poor quality control of the food you cook. Learn to cook healthy food even amidst your busy daily routines. Here are some excellent ideas to cook healthy food at any time effortlessly.

Light Food

Oil decides whether you cook healthy food or not.  Use very little oil in your food. Preferably use olive oil and rarely use canola oil. 4-6 spoons of oil a day is more than enough for anything you cook. Avoid deep frying if you wish to cook healthy food. You can even skip using sunflower, ground nut and castor oil.

Boil or Microwave 

To cook healthy food, stick to boiling or using the microwave for cooking. You can choose to fry the food in microwave instead of using fry pans and skillet. Ovens need very little oil and effort from you in deep frying the food. In case of boiled food, add seasoning and spices to them when you need tasty and healthy food. You can even try for soups and salads with boiled vegetables or chicken.

Keep Food Half Cooked

Fully cooked food can be tasty but deep cooking splits the nutrients from your food.  Especially the good cholesterol in oils becomes a bad one if you overcook or fry it deeply. The more you get to chew your dishes, the healthier you can ever be. Keep food half cooked and very light if you want the food to be healthy.

Watch Bacteria in Food

Leftovers are not recommended if you prefer healthy food. In some food varieties, the non-healthy bacteria grow really fast in few food items and so watch for them while you cook. Food items like eggs and egg products develop this bacteria faster, so avoid reusing or re heating them. Other food items for this bacteria can be pasta, pizza, diary based desserts, custard and even salamis. They are not recommended to eat the next day.

Watch the Temperature

To cook healthy food it is mandatory for you to cook the food in recommended temperatures. It is only a perfect meal cooked in perfect temp that makes a healthy food. Include thermometer as an important kitchen equipment to check temperature of food. To cook meat and poultry, 160- 165 degrees is the best. For vegetables, 130 degree is enough. Rarely, you can cook food at 170 degrees if you want to prepare a fully cooked meal.

Slow cooking and one-skillet meals are also a part of healthy food to eat daily. Try out slow cooking that you will understand as a healthy way to cook food for children. Ensure while slow cooking, the food should be in the cooker for more than two hours. This does not mean you can cook food for more than four hours in a slow cooker unless it is a meat. One skillet meals like some varieties of noodles and omelets make a healthy food.