The concept of dietary supplements has gained popularity only recently. Most old school health experts vouch for natural methods. Still, supplements are quite necessary. The quality of food and current lifestyle is quite low. Therefore, when you rely completely on natural sources, it may not be ideal. Hybrids and enhanced plants and meat are stripped of their nutritional value. In addition to that, this is the age of processed and ready to eat food. So, supplements provide your body with an additional nutrient source. It is important to not that these are only supplements and not replacements for your diet.

The Need for Dietary Supplements

We all know the concept of a balanced meal. If your diet is low in a certain nutrient, a dietary supplement is recommended. Basically a dietary supplement provides you with vitamins, minerals and other substances. They replace what is not available from a natural source in your diet.

Dietary Supplements to Cure Illness

The FDA regulations for medicines and dietary supplements are quite different. However, supplements have been used to cure health conditions.

Supplements have been used for thousands of years to cure illness. The use of active ingredients to cure illnesses was quite common in the earlier days. One of the most known applications of dietary supplements in modern medicine is the common aspirin. Our ancestors used willow tree bark tea to cure fever. The chemical that was present in this dietary supplement was identified and converted into the aspirin.

Vitamin and mineral supplements have often been recommended for common health conditions. For instance vitamin C supplements are prescribed during flu and fever. This boosts your immune system and helps you get better soon. Natural products like Omega-3 Fatty Acids are available through supplements. These products regulate biological processes. This helps repair wear and tear . It also promotes good health.

Side Effects of Dietary Supplements

While most dietary supplements are mild and safe, some may be harmful eventually. It is recommended to consult a dietitian before you rely on a dietary supplement.

This is important for women who are pregnant or breast feeding. If you are undergoing a medical treatment, you must select the supplement carefully. When you are using dietary supplements, you must keep the following in mind:

• Supplements may also have allergic reactions.

• They may interfere with any prescription medicine that you have been recommended.

• They could lead to side effects.

• Choose a supplement that is standardized. If not, you cannot be certain of the effects they will have. Therefore, you must never pick supplements from super market counters.

• Besides vitamins and minerals, the long term effect of other supplements is not certain.

When you are consuming dietary supplements, you must also follow a recommended diet. Try to use products that have been in the market for a good amount of time. They must all follow FDA regulations to ensure safety. We all consume supplements to ensure good health. However, any carelessness towards the food or supplements we consume may have serious repercussions. It is as important to stay safe as it is to stay fit.