Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the healthier the breakfast you serve your family, the better they will feel all day. So, even if they skip on lunch, the breakfast should have enough energy to keep them going till dinner time. This article brings to you a list of healthy breakfast options that will help you and your family eat well every morning and hence has a great day.

Yogurt Sundaes

Serve yogurt in glasses, on it put a crushed granola bar, include raisins and dry fruits, add strawberries and a healthy breakfast is ready. The yogurt will give energy along with all the other things. This breakfast will fill you up, without making you feel stuffed. It will improve your immunity and keep you going all day. You will surely find the benefits of fry fruits raisins and strawberries for your health.

Vegetable Pancakes

These are one of the next easy to make healthy breakfast options. You of course know how to make pancakes, now add vegetables to them. You can add your choice of vegetables or go with the traditional capsicum, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet corn and carrots option. The veggies give the goodness your family needs with the innumerous benefits they have.

Swiss Farita with Spinach and Onion

Onions, spinach and eggs can in any corner of the world make an ideal healthy breakfast. All you need to do is first sauté the spinach and the onion. Add lightly beaten eggs mixture to it, sauté it again, and then pour it out in a pan. Of course you can choose the oil you want to cook it in, suggestion would be olive. Do not forget to add Swiss cheese at the end which ultimately makes the dish Swiss.


There is nothing healthier than a bowl full of mixed fruits that gives you energy, is tasty and obviously non fattening. It is proven that people who prefer fruits over other foods are known to live longer and have more energy over others. It is also relevant that since the morning time is the cleaning time for the body, fruits help in the process as they are rich in fiber.

Fried Eggs with Potatoes

One of the easiest healthy breakfast recipes and can be counted as the healthiest. Slice potatoes into thin round shapes and stir fry them; soak all the oil in a tissue. Now, half fry your egg and slide it on top of the potatoes. Add salt and pepper according to your taste and there you are, it is ready to be devoured.

The above healthy breakfast options should help you wake up fresh every morning with no stress of what to cook today as these take less time to cook. They aren’t only healthy and filling but above all they are tasty. You being the caretaker of your family’s health deserve to have a great health yourself. These options shall help you incredibly.