Strength Training is often limited to those who want to build their body. It is unknown to many individuals that weight loss is possible only with the combination of strength and aerobic training. Aerobic training is essential is preparing the body to endure a stressful workout. It allows your heart to improve blood circulation. It also improves oxygen intake. This makes your body energetic and ready for a good work out.

It is strength training that cuts down fat. It is essential to sculpt your body and achieve the “dream figure”. Strength Training is, without doubt, the best workout for weight loss.

Best Strength Training Moves 

The best work out for weight loss is one that is compound. Multiple muscle groups must be targeted. This allows them to work together. The amount of calories burnt with compound exercises is a lot more than isolated exercises. Here are the best strength training moves to help you lose those pounds quickly:

  • Squat to Overhead Press.

This workout is targeted towards the quads, hamstrings, glutes, abdomen and shoulders. It is simple to do and can even be practiced at home. You will require a dumbbell of minimum resistance.

Start with your feet at shoulder width apart. Keep your elbows bent and the dumbbells at ear level, on either side. Keeping this posture, lower into a squat. The, go back to the standing position. This time lift the weights over your head and straighten the elbows.  Repeat this process 10 times in each set

  • Single Leg Dumbbell Row

This posture works on your back, shoulders, biceps, abdomen, quads, hamstrings and glutes. You will need a chair for support. Start with a dumbbell of minimum resistance.

Start by holding the weight in your left hand. Hinge forward and lift the left leg parallel to the ground. Ensure that your back is completely flat.

Use your right hand to hold the chair for support. Lower your left hand and extend it towards the floor. Face the palm in. Bend your elbow and lift the weight towards you. Keep the upper arm parallel to the ground. Repeat this process on either side. Each side must have 15 repetitions.

  • The Dolphin Plank

This exercise is very helpful in toning your abdomen. It also works the glutes and the shoulders.

Start by lying face down. Tuck your toes in. With the support of the forearm, rise into the plank position. Make sure your back is flat. Keep your belly pulled in towards the spine. Keep your hips parallel to the floor. Now, inhale and draw the hips further up. You must look like an inverted V. Then lower the hips back in to the plank position. Each set must consist of 15 repetitions.

These three exercises are the most beneficial in over all weight loss. You can consult your trainer for advanced moves as you progress. With the right diet to accompany this workout, you will notice your body begin to work like a machine. Strength training is definitely considered as a best workout for weight loss.