Yoga is one of the oldest forms of working out. Developed through thorough understanding of the human body, it combines the body, mind and the soul to promote good health. Epidemic obesity is an issue that the world is grappling with. Stress is ever rising with the pressures of modern ages. In such times, yoga becomes the ideal workout plan for everyone. There are many reasons why yoga for weight loss is suitable. Let us understand how this ancient science benefits the body.

Why Choose Yoga for Weight Loss

1. Yoga Increases Heart Rate: 

High intensity cardio training is viewed as the only way to bring the heart rate up. This is a popular misconception. For those who are unable to bear that stress on the nervous system, yoga is the way out.  With yoga, heart rate is increases for short bursts. This includes changing levels of body posture. Surya Namaskar takes the body through various postures that change the levels quickly. This benefits the heart function. It is also considered the most powerful cardio routine when practiced regularly.

2. Yoga Acts as a Powerful Detoxifying Process

The various Asanas practiced in yoga are directed towards specific organs. Positions like the wheel pose, the bow pose and the spine twist activate the liver. The liver is that organ of the body that is pivotal in natural detoxification. There are many positions like the peacock pose and the fire pose that are beneficial in easing digestion. They also help in cleansing the colon. With such poses practiced regularly, the system is also cleansed. This releases excessive fat and aids weight loss.

3. Metabolism is Boosted

For the body to function at maximum potential, the pH in the body should be regulated. Various yoga poses are helpful in achieving this. The seated forward bend and the head to knee postures are examples of such Asanas. The thyroid gland regulates the metabolism in our body. Yoga activates the thyroid gland through various beneficial postures. Many people have weight issues related to the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is the most common reason for weight gain. Postures like the fish pose and the shoulder stand are useful in regulating the functioning of the thyroid gland.

4. Stress Reduction

Most people who suffer from unnatural weight gain are under a lot of stress. Stress is mainly the result of working conditions. Most jobs are sedentary. People spend hours in air conditioned rooms. Even the meal timings are not fixed. This causes a lot of stress upon the body although we may be unaware of it. Adopting yoga for weight loss makes the process faster as stress is relieved through various postures. The corpse pose and putting the legs up on the wall aid relaxation. They help find that balance between the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system and soothe the body.

Adopting yoga for weight loss is a holistic approach. You will be able to neutralize your body completely. Because of the immense understanding of the human anatomy, yoga helps you cure anything that need not be endured.